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Default 7 week old with H's on tongue, lower lip, chin, neck and ear...

I am new and just found out 2 days ago that my 7 week old has Hemangioma's. Actually browsing the internet I came to learn about this by mistake. I watched a you tube video about it on accident and realized that this is what my son has. I took him to the ped. yesterday and she said that is what they are and I should "wait and see". He has one by his right ear, lower outside lip and whole inner lower lip, tongue (and red dots under tongue), 2 on chin, 2 on neck and ped found one more starting on his nose. This morning I found one starting on his tummy. He also has a blue tinting around his lower lip area. I asked her if I needed to be concerend of internal ones since he has so many and she said "no". I have read here and other places that there could be internal ones since he has so many external ones. I plan to take pictures tomorrow and can get opinions. I also did not take her advice as my gut instinct is telling me to get a ultrasound. I made a appointment with a derm tomorrow (not a ped one as they told me this one is good?) If he tells me to "wait and see" I will be back here with advice to go from there. Thank you to everyone here and to the lady on You Tube as I would have not know about this. When my son's H's showed up at 2 weeks old the ped did not say a word about it, just that they were birthmarks and would go away.

If anyone here has any advice for me, I would appreciate it.
Thank you and God Bless,
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