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Question Intramuscular Hemangioma

I complained about pain in my calf for 8 years. I am here now, where they are telling me I have an intramuscular hemangioma in my right calf. Not only is it inside my leg but inside of my soleus muscle. The doctor I saw refused surgery because of the nerve endings and the fact that they would have to remove part of my muscle. Is it even worth going through embolism? That is what they are sending me to consult about next. I am in pain, is this only me or do other people have problems excersizing and hiking or even walking or working with this problem? I am only 18yrs old. I did come across a few cases that stated intramuscular hemangioma's can be caused by trauma. This could be the case with me since I also have a non-ossifying fibroma just above my knee in the back where I have had trauma. If anyone out there has info on this I really need a support buddy or something. This thing is not exactly flat but only a little raised.. but is big in diameter. Doctors told me it was "very large". I'd say about the size of a orange or apple from what the doctor showed me.

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