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Hi Mel! My daughter also has an upper lip H. Hers has grown rapidly and began to interfere with her feeding. We are seeing Dr. Waner in NYC and are very pleased with her progress. Next week is our excision surgery!

I would look into seeing a specialist. From my understand upper lip H's don't always involute completely and can be disfiguring long term. Not trying to scare you, just what I have learned in my research about them. We also did not have a specialist in the area so traveling was our only option. It's not ideal but the offices work with you by using email to communicate and sending photos over the internet to get their opinion.

Ella's started growing at 2 weeks and has had periods of rapid growth lasting a few weeks to more plateau phases where it didn't grow for a few weeks more. Overall though it is huge compared to when she was just a couple of weeks old. She is almost 6 months now.

Good luck and email me with any questions or if you would like to see pictures.

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