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Default open diaper area hemangiomas

Does anybody have experience with ulcerating hemangiomas in the diaper area? My little niece is 5 months old. She was born with hemangioma on her buttocks. 2 months ago the hemangioma started to ulcerate, and it was very painful. Before that doctor said it is OK, and it is going to heal by itself. Never happened. It is on the place where it is wet with urine and stool. It got infected. the doctor said to wash it with the water and antibiotic cream. it has been 2 months since then. The hemangioma got infected. the skin completely broke. the doctor had to pull out dead skin, and now the wound has been washed with saline, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic (stil!!!), and it is protected by nonpermable wound dressing. This is just a short version of what she has been through. Any help or advice would be helpfull. We live in Europe. Thanks!!!
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