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Default Pelvis Vascular Malformation

I first noted a small lump on the tip of my right buttock in 2003 when I thought it was some fatty tissue. Then in 2006 may when I was about to deliver my baby I suddenly found out that it grew bigger. After giving birth to the baby it shrinked a little bit. But I think it began to grow and expand last year. It didn't cause any trouble for me so far. But I feel its change and the skin already had discoloration. I feel the skin itchy from time to time.

I went to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. The vascular doctor and the radiologist told me that it is very complicated and hardly to be cured but they can do the alcohol embolization to get control of it. The radiologist said he might conduct the embolization from both the vein and artery.The radiologist did list some risk of the alcohol embolization and the most concern is the skin injury as the blood vessel are just under the skin and they are getting thinner now. He also mentioned Dr. Yakes and another doctor in Northwester, Chicago.

I worried about the side effect from the alcohol embolization.
The AVM does not cause any problem for me so far. I am hesitating to take the treatment even though the doctors in Detroit said they think it's necessary to treat it.

I planned to visit Dr. Waner in NY at the end of March to seek his opinion upon my case. but he will not be in the office. Dr. Levitin will be available. But I didn't hear much about him. Should I visit Dr. Levitin?
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