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Default I'm so confused!!

I am so confused!! I talked to Dr Waner about my 4 month old son's hemangiomas and he suggested that the one on his scalp be removed due to the ulceration and the one on his nose should be lasered. He told me to contact Dr Buckmiller because she was closer. We battled with the insurance and they finally agreed to cover it. I talked with her Dr Buckmiller's nurse and the Dr recommended steroid injections and laser for the one on the scalp, but nothing for the nose.

The one on his scalp had started to heal, but is turning black again and starting to ulcerate all over again. I swear, I feel like everytime I take 1 step forward, I take 2 steps back.

I really want the one on his scalp removed because it is so painful and just keeps ulcerating.

I know that Dr Buckmiller is a great Dr, but if she doesn't fall in line with what I want and Dr Waner does, do I just bite the bullet and go to NY?
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