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Talking "You been microwaved?"

I am a 23 year old that has port wine stain on the majority of my body. It covers both my arms completely, my chest, my back(lighter and spottier), my right buttock, and large splotches on both of my thighs. That said, I haven't been to a doctor for it since I was a toddler, and I do not even notice or care about it. I have noticed while reading a lot of other stories that people are very self conscience and obsessive about their birthmarks, and it is very sad. I do know that I am lucky and have none on my face and that makes a big difference, but it is very upsetting to see how upset some people are about small marks, in inconspicusuous places. Even with my marks I wear a bikini, and let people think I am sun burnt. I wear low cut shirts and short skirts because I feel that if someone has a problem, it's their problem, why should I worry what they think. I seriously had a very Southern gas station worker ask me if I had been microwaved, how can I be upset about what she thinks, if she thinks that's what did it. My friend had to hightail it out of there because he couldn't control his laughter and I practically fell over from laughing so hard when I got outside, I couldn't even make it to the car. I sometimes correct people and sometimes I just go along with their story. I will say though that I don't even notice people staring or commenting and one day my boyfriend said that I had eight people comment on it and I could only remember two so I really don't focus on the questions. I also know that I prefer people asking about it than just wondering and thinking something worse then it is. I know that I stare a people who have weird things going on and I even stare at people with PWS so why shouldn't people stare at me, I definitely would.

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