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Default Haemangiomas of infancy

Hi, I wanted to share our experience with Dylan and his haemangioma since birth, and possibly get some feedback on our choices. Dylan is going to be 4yrs old next month and was born with a haemangioma on the left side tip of his nose. As with most information we have read his did not appear until about 3 to 4 weeks after birth. It did go through the growth stage and then leveled off. It was very noticable, red, bluish, puffy and everyone asked "did he hurt his nose?". After a while when asked this question we would reply "no we just smack him every time he wets his diaper". Any way, we did the usual doctor visits and were glad to know it was isolated to his nose. The plan was to let it alone and see if it will take the path of most haemangioma's, go away. We are pleased with it's progress as most, if not all, of the discoloration is gone and all that remains is the soft fatty tissue which is slightly puffy. One vein is slightly visable in the right light.
The decision to do nothing was not easy, we wanted it gone and when it reached its peak along with the social interaction, I wondered if we had done the right thing. I am glad to say that Dylan has done better with it than we have and goes to pre-school and has no psycosocial issues. So, a little reassurance to those who choose to listen to their doctor if advised as we were.
My question is, has anyone gone through a similar situation and has the haemangioma completly gone away? He is about to start his journey into kindergarten and school and if anything needs to be done, we should consider it now. I can post pictures, as we have many.
Thanks, great site, hang in there everyone.
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