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I'm 20 years old... I guess that makes me an adult...

Relationship experience= 0
I was born with a vascular malformation on my left cheek. It used to cover almost all of it, but have undergone some procedures, now it covers the upper half beneath my eye.

I'm not a very "forward" person. I am in college and have never had a girlfriend or anything... My friends keep telling me that I need to hurry up as well as my family, but it's just not a priority right now. Of course I do look around school (who doesn't), but I think it over too much. I don't have too great self confidence, but it isn't bad either, more like in the middle. Highschool was ok, I was one of the better-known people and almost everyone seemed to like me and got close to this one girl I really liked, but nothing happened because I'm an idiot... lol. I've had other chances, but taken none. So far in college nothing happening, and doesn't seem like anything will happen soon.
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