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Originally Posted by Ariella View Post
Thanks guys. Well we have done her first 2 lasers w/out the GA and sha was fine cried for about 2 sec and once she had her bottle she was ok. The 3rd time the dr decided to use GA it was hell she cried for about an hour after and on the way home. She needs 1 or 2 more and I really don't want to put her under GA for a 10 seconds procedure.. So I think I am going to ask Dr. Waner if we don't put her under it this time I hope he agrees...
My son Lucas had a laser surgery 2 weeks ago at 3 month to help his ulcerated H to heal and the doctor used the mask to put him under. Everything seemed to be pain-free to him and he only cried for 10 minutes afterwards, mostly because he was hungry. Maybe you can ask if it will be an option?! Good luck!!
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