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I have lympangioma circumscriptum on my left side, all the way from my shoulder blade to down near my belly button. When I was a small child (I'm 25 now), a doctor in Birmingham, Alabama did laser surgery on my side, but it didn't help - all it did was create LOTS of scar tissue. Around the time I was 10 or 11, my mom and grandmother found out about a doctor in Los Angeles, Dr. John Reinisch. We flew out that summer and I had surgery. He actually removed a huge portion of skin. Since then, I have been out to LA for several surgeries, and all have gone quite well. While the doctor has not been able to remove all of the lymphangioma circumscriptum, it is very minimal now. I would recommend contacting the doctor. If you want, I can give you his contact information. He is the best I know of when it comes to this.
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