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I think that the GA comment was probably just meant to discourage you from seeking surgery. As you know, there are plenty of infants that undergo surgery - I don't think that would be the doctor's statement if the child had a life-threatening condition.

I guess that at this point you could see if anyone would do a steroid injection or prescribe oral steroids. This might help to slow/stop growth, as many doctors, even aggressive ones, might hesitate to operate on a child under 6-8 months (unless surgery is very urgent). Also, has she seen an ophthalmologist to confirm that there is pressure on the eye?

As for why doctors discourage you from seeking surgery - most hemangiomas remain relatively small and will involute reasonably well, and many doctors are looking to cover their behinds (if they support surgery that is not absolutely needed, and something goes get the picture).

Good luck in seeking treatment.
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