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Hi! Your daughter is so cute. My daughter Sophia just had her hemangioma removed surgically from her right eyelid and she did fine. There are many other positive stories on this site as well. She was exactly five months old. We met with at least six different specialists (opthamologist, dermatologist, etc...) during the first three months of her life and everyone said the same: wait and see. Our ped was actually the most worried about her having surgery and was very opposed to it. In our heart of hearts, however, that was what we wanted - to remove her hemangioma once and for all! Finally, we found this site and learned about Dr. Reinisch in Los Angeles where we live and he said he could remove it. He is our life saver! I was nervous but it has been the best decison we ever made. Sophia can now see out of her right eye and it is as if she is a new baby after the surgery.

I would say, go with your instinct and if it is actually putting pressure on her eye, there is a chance your insurance might cover it to have it removed.

Best of luck to you! Ellie
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