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i've been askin myself that same damn question...(i saw dr. yakes in denver) had a surgery done, but he just made it grew bigger, there's pain now, and it's messing with my hearing(i have a venous malformation on my left cheek, ugly thing, and i'm 20). since then i don't really care about anything anymore, i guess you could say i have a death wish, just livin life on the edge and pushin it to the edge, doin stuff that's life threatening, cause i just don't really care anymore. why the hell do i have to live with this, WHY ME?! i've gotten all religi-fied and prayed and all that jazz but never had the comforting feeling of everything's gonna be alright, so now just thinkin of turnin the other way and doin whatever i want and if watever i choose to do takes my life, so be it....who cares right? haha, i'm gonna go on a drinking binge soon.(haven't touched alcohol since dec 3rd '07)WHY?!
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