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Default 10 H's and counting

My son was born 2.5 months early at a weight of 3 lbs. At about one month I noticed his first H in his pelvic region. It has grown quite large. It is very red, raised and shiny and is roughly 1.5 inches long and .5 inches wide. He is now 2.5 months old and it seems almost daily that I notice another H. He has 10. He's got one above his earlobe that is very reddish/purple that just popped up a week ago and another on his calf that is getting bigger. The other 7 are small, raised but small, and red. At what point do they stop coming up? The doctors and nurses I deal with downplay them and say they'll go away, but it makes me sad that they keep coming up. The one on his ear could affect his hearing if it doesn't stop growing. We see his pedi next week and I'm getting the name of a Hematologist at Texas Children's to make sure he doesn't have and internal H's. Any advice?
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