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Default what to do

Been there done have the surgery scar to prove it. My daughter is 4 months old and just had surgery 5 days ago. BY FAR the best thing I ever did. Her H was ulcerated and was bleeding quite a bit. It was on her face near her temple. It caused her a lot of pain, and broke my heart. I don't know where you are located.....but can give you some info if you are interested. We went to Cincinnati Childrens Hospital...I LOVE THESE PEOPLE! They told me of 3 other specialist in the US.

We debated on what to do as well. To try lasers, steroids, or just go ahead with the surgery. I thought long and hard and decided just to get rid of it. She had been through enough and what if the steroids or lasers weren't good enough and the end result would be surgery anyway?? I didn't want to put her through anymore than she had already been through.

She was waking up probably 5 times a night, now since the surgery has slept the whole night through. It was very bad right before surgery. It would pour blood if she cried, or if I changed her shirt. It was very hard to watch. The ulceration went all the way deep down into her face. The best way I can describe it is it looked like rotting flesh. It was black and oozed blood. I can post before and after pics if you would like....just let me know.
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