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Has the hemangioma shown any signs of involution? If so, I personally would wait a bit longer.

But personal preferences aside, if I was choosing between laser and surgery for a hemangioma of that size (and one that is relatively flat), I would try laser. Plastic surgery will leave a scar, even if it is small.

My youngest had/has a hemangioma on the cheek, and she went through oral steroids, a steroid injection, and two plastic surgeries. She could use some laser now, but in her case, laser alone would not have done much.

I have a niece that had a hemangioma about the same size as your child's (though more raised), and she had laser around age 3 1/2. It looks pretty good now - you can only see it if you are looking for it.

The other thing to understand - some folks seem to have better response to laser than others - and make sure you go to a doctor who is experienced (and knows which laser to use).
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