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My *personal* opinion - the less meds at this young age, the better. Your son's H is not big and doesn't affect his vision, right. I would just wait for about a year. The H might involute on its own and he is too young to be self-conscious about it.

Here's a link to somebody's post with pics that might be helpful:

Your questions:

1) How soon after starting steroids should one expect improvement? Is this improvement encouraging or does it look like he might not respond?

- don't know because we never tried steroids, deciding between laser and surgery.

2) He is fussier. Does this always last or sometimes subside? Also I am so worried that I am doing him harm by giving him these meds.

- don't know. Didn't try steroids. I would try to avoid them if medically possible and H is not life threatening and doesn't affect functions of the body.

3) Do any think it's wiser just to go straight to (plastic) surgery to avoid meds? Please share any experience w/ steroids vs. surgery.

- we are deciding between laser and surgery. didn't try steroids.

3) Does an H need to be totally flat to do laser? The dr. said she can't do laser w/ it raised.

- I got the same answer from our doctor. From what I understand, if the H is raised, laser would only bleach it (reduce redness), but the extra skin will remain and the child would need another procedure to improve the averall appearance.

4) Has anyone done cryotherapy for a raised H?

- I would like to know that too. From what I've been reading, this method could remove H with minimal scarring.
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