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Originally Posted by madelinesmommy View Post
My daughter had an h on her eye. It appeared at 8 weeks, she went on 6 ml of Prednisolone at 12 weeks, and came off of it at 8 months and the h went away completely. She got chubby, but her pediatrician said the weight will come off over the next couple of months.
Please excuse my ignorance, but what is prednisolone? is that a steroid? I do worry about the weight gain with the steroids, b/c she is already wearing 12-18 month clothing and is only 81/2 months. (she is 27" too). They want to do laser, just by looking at her from pics. It's so nerve racking. Oh, and Rameen (my daughter) appeared when she was born, it was very light pink, u really had to be looking at her to notice, but it has grown so much these past months. Thank you for the encouragement!
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