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Hello. All hemangiomas are different and will respond differently to laser. My son had a total of 8 laser tx. on his large segmental hemangioma (on his face, scalp, eye, ear).... you can see pictures of his progress on the VB Support group on MSN. Page 22 of albums Nicholas Segmental Hemangioma. You'll have to join the group to view photos...but just mention birthmarks or something similar on your application and I'll accept you. Anyway... his first 5 tx. were with a pulse dye v-beam laser (by Candela) and the physician was pretty conservative. We saw improvement after the third tx., but when this physician would no longer tx. my son we found a new doctor and his tx. was much more agressive and we saw drastic improvements in one tx. He then had a 7th tx. with this same doctor (and the same laser as all before). We took a year off from tx. Most of what was left were deep vessels. We went to Dr. Nelson for his 8th tx. and he used a c-beam laser and diode laser to trace these vessels. We are pleased with the results!

I could share our laser settings with you (and yes there were higher)...but it is important for you to seek the opinion of a specialist on what Jules settings or type of laser would be best for you child.

I would encourage you to email Dr. Nelson from ask the expert page. He is great at responding and will give you an opinion on what he feels is best for your child. If you can include a photo it would be helpful for him.

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