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That is so heartbreaking. Although rare, these things can happen with Hemangiomas and doctors don't validate that possibility when it comes to treating these lesions. I have fought with my daughter's ped to seek treatment, and it amazes me how many doctors still treat Hemangiomas as if they are nothing. It is important that you shared your story with us, because it is eye opening, and exposes the reality of these birthmarks. It breaks my heart to hear that your little angel passed away, and it is very clear that your love for her never went away. It is so special that parents read this, so that more parents and families can fight for treatment and not let the doctors win in categorizing ALL Hemangiomas as "no big deal". Yes, some Hemangiomas are harmless, but the difference needs to be better distinguished. I appreciate your story and your strength in sharing it with all of us. My heart is heavy with sadness for your little girl having passed so early, but she is touching our hearts even 18 years later. Thank you for sharing this.
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