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Ashesmom - my daughter's hemangioma appeared just like your sweetie's did. At first her pediatrician gave us eye ointment thinking it was an infection, and said to come back in a week. Of course ointment did nothing and the hemangioma grew a little larger - in fact it was obstructing her vision at this point. The pediatrician then sent us to a pediatric opthamologist, who after one glance, told us it was a hemangioma. To our dismay, he was completely against surgery, and did not recommend the steroid injection as there was a slight chance she could go blind from the injection. He recommended we try an oral steroid. After reading everything on this site, I was adamant to go see Dr. Fay and have it surgically removed, but I agreed that in the meantime, we would give the oral steroids a shot. Miraculously, after just ONE dosage of the oral steroid, the hemangioma shrunk to where she could open her eyelid. After about a month, the hemangioma went away completely, and at 7 months, we began weaning her off the steroids. She has been off the steroids for about a month now and the hemangioma has not reappeared. I can send you before and after pics if you'd like - I have difficulties uploading the pics to this site, unfortunately. My email address is I think it's worth the shot of trying oral steroids - you have nothing to lose and they have an 86% success rate.
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