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Question Infant with VBM on Head and Nuerological Issues on One Side

My beautiful little girl (4 2/3 mo. as of this posting) has a hemangioma on the left side of her head and one on her left pinkie. She is showing minor nuerological problems on her left side (arm and leg). The nuerologist suggested that she may have internal hemangiomas in her head. A recent CT scan was negative for calcification. I am not satisfied as there seems too much coincidence between the hemangiomas and the lateral nuerological problems and want an MRI. The Nuerologist doesnt want to order an MRI as they would have to "put her out" for it. Should I push for one until I get it or "wait and see what happens" as her nuerologist and pediatrician suggest? I personally would like to prevent seizures from causing permanent damage, not wait until more damage occures!

What other tests should be done and what other measures taken? Where can I find help and support?

She is getting PT through early intervention with the county and a full developmental assessment.

Thank you for your help.

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