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Default matthew hemangioma -he is now over a year old

as you know matthew has a parotid infantile hemangioma. since he was almost 3 months old. in october 30,2007 he had a steroid injection and helped it go down tremendously.
than it started to grow over the last couple weeks in march so april 1st - he had another steroid injection which they said the hemangioma did in fact grow 20%. so now it has seemed to gone down a teeny bit.
now over the weeks before the steroid shot matthew right eye started to turn in.
i took him to an eye specialist who said matthew is very farsighted and he cant see too good out of his right eye. so he will have to wear glasses and than in 6 weeks go back and see how that is doing for him - they might try a patch too - if that doesnt work than surgery.
his MRI tests showed that the hemangioma is not touching or near i guess his eye orbits. I dont know why his eye all of a sudden is going in and im saddened by this. but my question is this
they said that through this next year they might do an embolization on the hemangioma and then remove it.
does any know or has anyone had this done to there child?
Corey the nurse there is so nice and answers alot of my questions but i know he has alot of patients so i dont want to constantly bother him.
i figure maybe i could email here and get some feedback to just help me out alittle.
thanks so much for your time again- you all have been wonderful
i have attatched matthew 1st birthday picture- taken exactly on his first birthday
i also attached a picture of him in red shirt before steroid injection and just recently after.
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