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I so enjoyed reading your story. When I began reading it, my thoughts were "this guy should write a book!".... I really would encourage you to take your experiences and write write and write! I know my 10 year old son (you sound a lot like him) would love to read about a super hero with the birthmark from a demon slayer! I think an auto-biography (or simi auto-b) would be a great read as well. You have a lot of creative expression that youth (and adults) would enjoy. There are never enough great books for young boys! GO FOR IT!

And to answer your question: yes pws will change color with your body temp.

The cobbling and thickening of the pws can be an issue for some patients. It can be painful, ostosis, etc. (no worries...I think most people would enjoy your perspective on it)...

Take care and again...thank you for sharing your story!
Corinne Barinaga
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