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Default grandbaby's hemangioma

Hi, I am new here. I found this forum while researching hemangiomas. My daughter had her baby on Jan. 31 of this year, at 30 weeks, after having placental precreta and requiring a hysterectomy. At about two weeks, the baby had what looked like a red rash on her neck. After going home at one month, she had a large "lump" on her neck and the rash was spreading and becoming very red. It was diagnosed as a compound hemangioma. The poor baby is hospitalized for the third or fourth time with this "thing" on her neck. It has ulcerated and is very painful. She is in Cook's Childrens Hospital in Fort Worth with iv antibiotic therapy and steroids. I am afraid of staph infection. I am hoping they will maybe try the laser treatment, but no idea if that is in the picture or not. They are saying if the steroids don't work, they will try chemotherapy! This is scary to me, as she is still very tiny, only about nine pounds at three months. I think I am looking for some advice and maybe some reassurances that she will eventually be ok. I can live with a scar, I just want the baby to be happy and pain free!! Any advice will be welcomed.
Sara Beth
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