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please let your daughter know that this may be what seems to be the beginning of a long and stressful journey, but that this website and others out there will help her along the way. i know that when i needed someone to talk to or even just vent about what was going on with my daughters hemangioma, this site helped. getting in touch with others our there that were going through the same things we were was key for us. and getting in touch with people who pointed us in the right direction. although i have to say that making decisions was not always easy and sometimes make you second guess yourself. tell her to trust her first instinct. altough we still have a long journey ahead of us, things are looking hopeful. Ava no longer deals with ulcerations and is no longer in any pain. we just now have to wait for her hemangioma to involute enough to be removed. dr waners group is wonderful and very informative! we chose a different dr that was closer to us though who happens to be the best in this area and go on june 10 to talk about removal! good luck with everything! by the way, shes beautiful!

Jessica Ball
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