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Originally Posted by kttycat340 View Post
hi sara,

my name is Catherine and I am also from the Fort worth area. I had preemie twin girls at 31weeks. they are now 4 months. one of the twins Margaret has a large compound hemangioma on her nose. She has been on steroids for 4 weeks and her pediatric derm is trying to ween her off but has a feeling its going to get much larger. He also told me for my daughters hemangioma that they would wait till she is 2yrs to even start laser treatments. I have contacted Dr. Buckmiller at Arkansas Childrens to do the treatments, and she wants to start as soon as insurance approves it. Just thought I'd mention Arkansas Because it is closer. Hope your granddaughter is doing well!!
I just got back from seeing Dr Buckmiller for my son's hemangiomas. He also has one on his nose, as well 6 other places, and she is going to remove it in Jan/Feb. He had his first laser treatment while we were there and I can already tell a difference. I hope your visit is as positive as ours. Dr Buckmiller and her staff were great!
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