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Default hey.. i hope i can help!! :D

i am really new to this site, because i decided to research into my birthmark and found this neat community of people who i can relate to and who i hope can relate to me.

i understnad how u feel... i'm 18 and have a Giant Hairy Nevus on my back (from the top of my neck to my bottom, spread right around my back)... for many years i have been extremely conscious of it. However i was very blessed in that my parents had plastic surgery done to it to try to remove it as the risk of cancer was very high if it was left alone. But even with the scaring it looks awful.
I guess we can relate in that, people seem to never let you forget the fact that you have a birth mark, and in some peoples words 'what attacked you?' or 'ohh she's half pony'.
For years i had to do swimming lessons and other sporting activites with people sniggering and laughing, which as a kid knocks ur confidence. I still havent been able to tell my friends about it and hide it as best as i can.

the best advice i'd like to give u; is to build a wall against the rude comments (block them out... prtend they were never said ) and in a way think of it like this (as silly as it sounds)... we are all unique and perhaps people are jealous of it... although what we have is not common to there eyes it's unique. You have to embrace ur uniqueness..... because without it u wouldn't be u. It's what makes you beautiful in gods please don't let rude comments knock you.
Also if people do try to joke about your birthmark... joke back.... i've learned that u can't take all comments to heart.. i try to laugh them off and occasionly make a joke about it myself... as my birthmark isn't going anywhere!! lol

i hope this helps ... but just remember we are all alike ... and know what your going through ... don't let it get 2 you and embrace ur indivdual beauty!!!!!
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