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Default Daughter with PWS - am I being OTT?


My daughter is 10 weeks old and has a suspected PWS on her left thumb. The front of the thumb is discoloured / mottled and the sides and back of the thumb are red, leading down to quite an intense red patch on her palm under her thumb. When she's cold, it goes quite a deep purple, at other times, from the front at least, its minimal.

My GP said to just leave it until she's 3 or 4 and see what happens and that they don't usually do anything unless the PWS is on the babies face. Is this the right advice? I keep reading that the younger the better where laser treatment is concerned.

Am I being over the top? I know there are alot of people out there with much larger PWS and in more obvious places, so should I just leave it? I just have this vision of her starting at school and all the kids making fun of her. Should I try and get rid of it for her?

I'm becoming obssessed with it - I'm so worried that I'll miss the window of opportunity in getting rid of it for her.
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