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Default surgery vs. transplant

hi, i am new to this site. glad i found it. i had a liver hemangioma discovered about 10 yrs ago. it was only about 5 c.m. then. last year i had a ct scan for something else and found it grew to about 21 c.m. i am now trying to decide if i should have the surgery or not. i went to a liver specialist and was told that i needed the surgery a.s.a.p. or i would be looking at a transplant. what they want to do now is to go in and cut off the right side from the left to let the left side grow then 4 wks later have the right side removed. i am so scared. my liver is so enlarged that it pushes my right kidney down. i think my blood tests were ok but i had a d-dimer test that was at a high rate. i sometimes hear that estrogen replacement could have caused it to grow. i also am not sure about this size turning cancerous. my son was 26 when he passed away from a rare cancer in his liver. it was called epithelioid hemangioendothelioma, which is a rare soft tissue sarcoma. notice the hemangio in this cancer. just yesterday i had another ct scan to followup and blood work. i won't get these results til next week.
anyone out there with information for me, please post or contact me at
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