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Hi Corinne,
Thanks for the contact info. for OHSU. We took Kelly to Dr. Macarther at Doernbechers. There was another doctor seeing her at the same appointment, but I don't know what his name was. I wasn't sure what kind of experience OHSU had with hemangiomas so I was a little nervous about having her seen there. Now that I know that they deal with this condition, I feel a lot more comfortable. We go back to OHSU/Doernbechers on the 11th of November. We will take those names with me and ask if they agree with Kelly's treatment plan.

Have any of you ever seen the specialist that this site lists for the Seattle area - Dr. Jonathon Perkins? I am going to be in Seattle next week showing Kelly off to my relatives (she is only nine weeks old) and I was thinking of contacting him for a possible second opinion.

Carolann (Kelly's Mom)
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