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Hi Saige.

This is Hank.

I was wondering how old you are?
I am twenty years old and I have had PWS's, and Vascular Malformation's (hemangeoma's) all over my head and I have had them my hole life. I have had laser treatment for fourteen yeas and I am on my third machine. That is how face technolgy has rose.
The best way I have found to let everybody know what it is. I just ecucate them. Mostly children thow.
There parents get mad at the child for stareing or asking. I just tell the parents that there children probably have not had sience class yet and are just curess about what is on my face.
If is different when a adult asks me (what the hell happen to you) I tell them what it is and told them that they should have learned it in school that is if you they went. Then I laugh and walk away not buying anything if I was in there store.

I know it is mean but some of the people are so rude.
Or do not think before they say.

I will talk to you soon.

Hank B

What do you think?

Do you agree?

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