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We went to the appt. in Boston. This day is truly a miracle...
First the radiologist came in and told us he couldn't see any of the tumors in Kaden's rib bones that were previously there, the tumors in his spleen were still there but maybe smaller, he has one new growth in his pelvis but it was very tiny, he couldn't tell if the tumor behind his left lung was still there because it was very difficult to see but if it was there he thinks it is smaller. The 2 new tumors in his esophogus were very tiny... I sat in shock and couldn't believe what I had just heard. when the radiologist left the room I looked at my husband and asked him to repeat what he just said because I wasn't sure I heard him right (he had a very thick accent)
The Dr. came in a few minutes after that and told us most of the tumors had shrunk up and that the tumors in Kaden's esophogus were in his soft tissue and were tiny, about a centimeter. I asked if it was normal for the lymphatic malformations to shrink up like that and he said no they usually get bigger but every case is different. I burst into tears, I was so grateful at that moment and just couldn't believe after everything we had been through the past 8 yrs. it looked like there was a positive. I felt like we had been blessed with a miracle.
We will go back in 5 yrs and get another CT scan to compare with this one, as long as Kaden is symptom free.
I hope our story gives hope to others. thanks to all who read this and may God bless all of you and your children. Don't ever give up hope... Miracles do happen!
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