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Default HELP-huge ugly birthmark

Hi! Iím 22 year old. I have HUGE birthmark. My birthmark starts from my left lower back into stomach connecting down to all the way down the left side of my leg and ends wrapped around my ankle. Iím not sure the name of my birthmark but the colour is brown. It looks awful since the rest of my skin colour is white and Iím not sure if there is risk of cancer. I donít know if someone else out there has similar birthmark because I never heard or seen others that have kind of birthmark. I never wear shorts, skirts out and even dare trying to go to a public pool in a swimsuit. It really hurts me. Iím glad that found this site to share my problem because Iím too embarrassed to talk or discuss with anyone including doctors and my family. I even scared to be in a relationship. I had 1 relationship and only lasted when he found out that I have birthmark because Iím too embarrassed to face him and I felt that Iím not good enough. Iíve promised myself to not fall in love because I know it wonít last but I fell in love again with my current boyfriend. I recently just told him that I have birthmark after he keeps asking why I never wear shorts but I didnít show it to him so he doesnít know the colour and how huge my birthmark is. Every time when he asked and wants to see I will be crying and crying and run away from him. I know he would feel disgusting when he see my birthmark. I wanted to end our relationship but he said Iím stupid and I donít know why but this time I donít want to lose him but I know that it is unfair for him as he deserves better person than me so eventually this relationship will end. I donít know what to do. Iím tired of living with lies and alone. When my friends asked why I never wear shorts I keep saying that Iím not comfortable wearing shorts out and I donít have nice legs. No one of my friends knows that I have birthmark. almost every night I will cry, wondering why me and thinking of living alone forever. I would laugh happy in front of everyone but deep inside me I feel very very depressed. Iím sick of living like this. I wish my huge ugly birthmark can be removed.
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