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I am a 22-year old female. I have a vascular malformation in my cheek. There is nothing on the outside, it's only inside, but it is becoming very noticeable. I am often asked if I had my wisdom teeth out because my face looks really swollen on the left side. I am extremely self-conscious about it because it is the first thing anyone ever notices about me when I meet them. I was told by a doctor 4 years ago that it was a hemangioma, but I am certain it is a vascular malformation because it has grown and wasn't visible at birth. It also goes up under my cheekbone which is why they say it would cause a lot of scarring to remove it. Because they wouldn't be able to remove it from the inside. I am going to go to the vascular anomalies clinic at OHSU in a couple months to see what they have to say about treatment. I really have to have something done for my sanity, but am worried that the only treatment available would we just as disfiguring. Has anyone heard about internal vascular malformations of the face and treatments for them? I guess a laser wouldn't work because it isn't on the outside of my face. I've heard a lot about Dr. Waner on this site. Is he supposedly the most well-known doctor in the field of vascular anomalies? What is he like? Is he approachable? The only doctor I've seen about my VM was not very understanding and sent me screaming in the other direction. Since then I have graduated college and am determined to find a knowledgable and kind doctor in this field. Any input would be valuable. Thanks!
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