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I had laser treatment for my venous malformation 8 days ago. I was not sure what to expect but the laser treatment took only 35 minutes in the operating room. The recovery took 6 hours and then I was released to go to the Ronald McDonald house right across the street. I went to see Dr. Waner the next day at his clinic (within walking distance) he wanted me to stay in town another day because I was unable to swallow anything other than ice chips. He didn't want me to dehydrate. (This was the only problem that I had with the procedure.) He said that I could come to the hospital the next day and he would come out to see me between surgeries. I see that his talents are very much in demand and he is always in a hurry so that he won't keep the anxious parents waiting. Most of his patients are small children but he also takes adults, although I felt like the only adult there. He was extremely understanding of emotional issues as well as the health issues. His nurse, Diane, is an angel and he is a very lucky Dr. to have found such a compassionate individual. She took the time to explain what I might encounter in the next few days. Dr. Waner says my malformation has been shrunk by 35% in my first treatment. I will go back for my next treatment in 6-8 weeks. And after that I might expect to go back a final time for the third treatment. My treatment area consisted of my tongue and cheek (inside) You have to realize that before I found Dr. Waner I was facing losing most of my tongue, and the Dr.s had told me that I would have a series of surgeries to remove or strip these malformations from my face and throat. I found out that you cannot successfully remove a venous malformation, it will just come back and probably more aggressively. I absolutely found the best option in my situation. Dr. Waner's diagonosis of your anomaly would dictate the treatment options. I am glad that I didn't settle for less than the foremost experts opinion and treatment and I hope that anyone that might read this will consider that you only have one life and you deserve to have the best treatment available to you. I traveled over 1000 miles one way and will do it again in a few weeks . Although I will always have a venous malformation, I come away knowing that I won't have this huge area of malformed tissue for the rest of my life.
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