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hi Hank, thank you so much for replying, i really appreicate it, at least i know that i can share and i dont have to keep it to myself coz it is tiring and crazy.

i tried so hard to except my birthmark by not looking at it but it is very difficult. i wish i can be strong like you but people comments haunting me 24hours and i still can't forget when i was been laughed and became a joke by my friiends ,cousins when i was 6-8 yrs old..but i agree with you, i will try my best to stop thinking and worry about this and be stronger. you are so lucky to have your fiiancee that can accept who you are. I'm scared to discuss and show my birthmark to my bf. eventho he knew i have birthmark but he doesn't know that it is huge birthmark. i'm afraid he would look at me differently and that would made me feel very embarassed n can't face him. i want to see doctor and want to find out more about my birthmark but im so scared to let anyone see my birthmark. i've tried research but never come accross the kind of birthmark that i have. im greatly appreciate if anyone out there knows that my huge brown colour birthmark can be removed or any risk of cancer.
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