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Default extensive vm

I underwent my first treatment with Dr. Burrows on July 3rd. I am a 39 year old woman who has an extensive vm that goes from my right hip to my foot. My vm is also on my buttock and Dr. Burrows treated this area quite extensively while I was there. The procedure went well, but then I had a setback 2 weeks following the procedure. I was healing fine, then Sat. eve had trouble walking. I became dizzy and almost lost consciousness. My husband was with me and he got me to safety. Later the next morning I ended up passing out two times and had to go to the ER. My blood pressure kept dropping and heart rate spiking. All my hospital tests came out fine-no clots, blood counts normal. It seems as if my central nervous system was not reacting properly. My bp and heartrate stabilized by the next afternoon and I was released from the hospital. I am feeling better again, just a bit slower and still have pain in the area. Despite the setback, I feel the procedure was successful. I still have about 5 more treatments left to go. I highly recommend Dr. Burrows- she is excellent- and I trust/pray by the end of this my leg will be much better.

If anyone has had a similar experience with fainting and low bp/ increased heartrate following a procedure, I would be interested in finding out more about what occurred and any answers your doctors may have had.
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