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Hello B,

My name is Hank and I am 26 with a facial birthmark.

I completely understand what you have gone through in your life so far.
I have been in your shoes time to time except self esteem and anger issues. Everything else even dating I completely understand.

I work in retail so you can understand how many people ask me on a daily basis about my birthmark. For children I have always turned to education since they do not know any better.

Some adult I feel like I could blow up on them some days but that would be career killing for me in my job.

I have always had the attitude of I really do not care what people think of me, if someone does not like me for the way I look that is their problem not mine. Let them make a fool out of themselves for not knowing what a birthmark is. That just tells me how uneducated some people are.

I have always had them mental not to let things and comments go in one ear and out the other or to let them roll off my shoulders. Negative energy about hating your birthmark will eat you up inside and will lead to depression. There is a reason you have a birthmark you just have to find out why.

Just remember realationships will come and go but you have to except your birthmark before others will. I know unless technology gets really good in the next 20 years I will have this birthmark for the rest of my life. I started laser treatment 21 years ago and have had 3 plastic surgeries to keep it growing and to remove it, but I am not holding my breath that it will ever be removed.

My fiancee tells me I would not be the guy I am today if I did not have a birthmark and that we would have never met if I did not start going blind.

I hope this has helped. If you would like to see pictures of what my birthmark looks like I have pictures on my website. I have before and after plastic surgeries as well.
If you ever want to talk email me the email is hank@ instead of www. on my web address.

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