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My son was born with a venous malformation that appeared to be a bruise on the left side of his face. At the age of three it started to grow. We were referred by the Army to Arkansas Children's Hospital. Zachary has been undergoing sclerotherapy and laser treatments to control the growth. The main bulk of his malformation is also in the cheek area. To date he has had four sclero treatments (since 2004). Nerve damage is always a possibility, but so far so good. They told us about surgery (excision) from the beginning, but stated that it would be a last resort. We have not been able to get a successful grasp on the growth and unfortunately, they feel that this is the best option for him right now. He will have this surgery in October. There are a number of benefits and risks. I have the upmost faith in Dr. Buckmiller, and can only pray that everything works out for the best. They said that it can take six to eight months for recovery and for him to regain function and movement on the left side of his face. I am interested to meet and talk to someone who has undergone this type of surgery. Is surgery an option that they have discussed with you? They told me that their goal is to give Zach a more symmetrical appearance, and I guess only time will tell. I will keep you updated on his procedure and recovery if you would like. I would also like to keep in touch and stay updated on how everything works out for you! Have a good day!
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