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Thumbs up My little one with H on his face

My little guy (13months) has a hemangioma on his left cheek. We also have struggled with trying to find the right person to treat it. My paediatrician also told us to wait and see. He has undergone 3 steroid injections and they are saying to wait until 2 1/2 yrs before operating because they want to mimimise the scaring on the face or any deformity to his cheek. I dont see it anymore when I look at him but I am worried for him as people stare and kids want to squeeze it his is unaware of it now. Is your son aware of his H? How do you think waiting to this age for surgery has affected him? I am worried should I find someone to cut it out now before his is aware of people pointing or is that just me and am I doing the right thing waiting for it to shrink as much as possible to minimise the scar?
I think you are very brave and obviously love your son very much to find a solution for him. Good luck and God Bless
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