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Do you live in Oregon? I read elsewhere on this site that Dr. Waner would be in Portland this week end. I don't know if it is Portland OR, but I was operated by him last week in Little Rock for an AVM on the lower lip, and based on what I heard and saw then, I would think that it is Portland OR. Maybe you could check with this Foundation. My own experience with Dr. Waner makes me believe that he could see you while he is there. Not only he is a very approachable man, but he is, for example, the only doctor I can phone at his home. He is both competent and compassionate. I felt great great confidence and relief from the moment I talked to him (after many years of anxious searching). My lip is still swollen, but already it looks near normal and it will be soon completely normal!

Good luck!
Lise, Montreal (1425 miles from Little Rock)
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