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Default RE: Help on thoughts on birthmark | Surgery 20.8.08

Thanks to everyone that wished little Alex and us well for his operation.

In Summary;

- Alex was admitted at 7am on 20/Aug/2008
- Alex was in good spirits before operation
- Alex was prepped for operation, which included getting him weighed in (almost 10kg)
- Alex and mother headed down to surgery room were anaesthetic was given at about 9am
- Alex's operation lasted about 20mins
- We got a phone call from surgeon soon after (notifying us that all went according to plan)
- Alex sent to recovery room and we followed soon after.
- Alex awoke to both mum and dad being present in the recovery room, which was good
- Alex a little grizzly and drowsy to begin with.
- Alex sent back upstairs soon after.
- Alex appetite soon returned (1 milk, yogurt, 2 biscuits etc) <-- must take from my side of the family.
- Alex discharged at approx 1pm on the 20th Aug 2008
- Alex glad to be back home to his toys and to his surrroundings.

Again Thanks to all for their best wishes.

I will post updates and pics soon
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