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Default Help on thoughts on birthmark | post surgery appointment


A follow up appointment was scheduled to check Alex's stitches.

Surgeon was happy with the operation and progress.
He also said that they tested the Hemangioma and that it come back all clear.

The surgeon said that the first 3 months post operation will see the stitches flair up (reddish color <-- will look at its worst) then the following months it commences healing, and this could take up to 16 months. The surgeon gave us another appointment in 3 months time when the stitches will be at its worst to check on the status.

I will keep everyone posted on outcomes.
If anyone has any queries or questions relating to the procedure
I would be more than happy to discuss at length or provide some type of

If anyone has gone through something similar would you please email back as so we can discuss simililarities and what to expect from here on.

Again Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

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