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Hi, I really know how you feel, I have a pws on both my back legs, from the top of my behind to my toes, when I was 18 and started to date I didn't tell my boyfriend for about 2 months and we went to the beach and I was put on the spot, his family leant me a bathing suit to go swimming and I had to tell him in front of his family, it was really embarrasing, that relationship only ended because of other reasons, my next boyfriend I didnt tell for 3 months and when I did he didn't care we have been married for 17 years and have 4 kids, I still dont wear shorts in public but I do at home. I also never spoke to any family members about my birthmark and when I decided to have laser at 25years of age they said what do you want that done for, your birthmark doesnt worry you, I just said do you want them on your legs and they say no, well just because I dont complain about it doesnt mean I'm happy its there. Anyway I think you might be surprised about what nice guys think, they dont really care, as long as you can cook you dont have any worries in that department, just try and be brave and tell them before you get put in an awkward position like me. Goodluck Ann
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