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Just remember, if the laser treatments don't work well, don't panic. My parents decided not to do laser treatments on me because they were expensive at the time and very painful. I'm glad they didn't. I'm 25 now, and yes I struggled with my birthmark here and there in my life, (covers a large majority of my left leg), but it has also been something very special to me. It's made me stronger as a person and I've learned a lot of lessons with it on accepting myself and growing stronger as a person. I wouldn't trade a second of my life to have any kind of laser treatment done on it. I feel it would've been a waste of my time, money and pain. So my advice to all parents out there considering laser treatment, just remember its not what you think that matters most, it will be what your children think of their mark and themselves. I know we all want to protect them, but try not to treat them like they are so different, that they start to believe it. I don't think my parents even brought up that there was a laser treatment option until I was about 8 or 9 years old, and my dad asked me, "do you wish we would've done it?" and I said "no, my mark is a part of me". Just a little advice to hopefully bring some relief that things will be okay if they don't go as planned.
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