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Default Think we may have some things in common

Originally Posted by mom2three View Post
Our 10mo son has a LM on his head that involves his upper left brow and forehead and left temporal area. I'm told it's a "large" malformation. We've seen several surgeons - all recommend surgical removal. The recommendation is to do a coronal incision (a cut from ear to ear going over the head in a zig-zag pattern). I know he'll have a drain but I don't really know what else to expect to see (how many drains? what will the swelling be like? will head head be all bandaged up? how long? how do we keep him from yanking out the drains? will his WHOLE head be shaved?)

If anyone or their child has had this coronal incision for removal of a LM, can you tell me about it?
I sent you a private message but now have rights to post in the thread. After reading your other post we do have a lot of similarities in our children and what they have gone through. Please feel free to email me or call if you have any questions.
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