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Default e-mailed Dr Waner over a month ago no reply..

Hi I have a Yahoo e-mail account. I don't have any other e-mail accounts created to use. I guess I could create another one if it will work better? Which one should I use? My daughter is scheduled for surgery on the 18th of October and I am VERY NERVOUS. I have a lot of questions that I would like to have answered by someone other than the Dr. doing the surgery so I can make sure my 7 month old will be okay and that this is the best thing for her. My baby's Pediatrician told me that the H can grow back after surgery and because her H is in her "midline" it could be deep and in her brain!?! She said Lilli needs an MRI before her surgery. The surgeon we have scheduled the surgery with didn't mention an MRI. He also told me that the H could not grow back. Also Lilli wakes in the night still to drink her bottle, I know she can't have any thing to eat for 8 hours before surgery, how do other mothers handle this??? I have never had to deny her food before and don't know how we will get through the night. ANY advice would be very helpful.
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