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Smile Hi.

Like Hank said, consider yourself lucky.
but of course you have every right to be insecure. i understand what it feels like to be so embarrassed of having a huge birthmark.
My story:

I was born with a facial PWS.
and which it was from just below my eyebrow on my right side of my face all the way to my mid top lip. and covered the apples of my cheeks, and around that area.
i was really little when i first got laser surgery done. and i continued with surgery.
its been a while, maybe since 2002, when i was 10 years old.
and by 2002, almost half of it was gone.
now i just have it by my nose a little, under the eye socket part thing lol. and around the apples of my cheek, and around there. so it got A LOT smaller. thank God.

but im 16, and its of course extremely noticeable.
its the first thing everyone sees. unless i convert to muslim religion, and wear a cloth covering my face, which will never ever happen.

but i'm about to get more surgery, in about 5-10 more surgeries, itll be completely gone.

the only difference after 2002's surgery, is that it has gotten lighter, its now like a light violet. and i actually am starting to see white specks on some part of the birthmark on the cheek. that actually gives me enlightment.

but being extremely noticeable, and on my face, and being a teenager with it, is extremely rough.
i have a high risk of glaucoma due to the birthmark.(thats why it only costs me $15.)
but my friends say "oh just put cover up over it." and theres no way. no way to cover it up, its like a bruise a big big everlasting bruise. and people dont understand.
ive tried cover up. i reply"you think i havent tried that yet?"
and of course i get the people who are too scared to ask to my face what my "puprle thing" on my cheek is.
instead they say "did she get burned? did she get punched? what happened?"
or they just give that disgusted look.
and its like whats so gross? its just a purple part of skin. its not like im diseased.

i dont know, its just hard to live with it on the face.
and probably hard living with it around your whole body.

this one girl i know, has the color i have on her face (more than me.) and all around her legs, and arms. so i also look at her, like i can live through this if she can.

point is, i know what youre feeling.
everything will soon pan out, dont worry.
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